Time Freeze Form

For those who decide they want to take a break (for whatever reason), you have a couple options:

1) you can make-up any classes that you miss by taking EXTRA classes upon your return; OR

2) you can fill out a Time-Freeze request form if you plan on being out for four (4) weeks or more.

The billing company (ASF Payment Solutions) will continue to process your monthly payments (as originally scheduled in the Student Enrollment Agreement) until the program is paid-in-full.

Unlike a gym where, “if you don’t use it, you lose it,” … at our academy, the time that you take off will be added back on to the end of your program.

Here is the link to the Extended Time Guarantee Time-Freeze Request Form.  You can either print it, fill it out, scan it, and email it back to [email protected] , or take a picture of the completed form and text it back to the school number (321) 956-2320, or just fill it out with your finger on your smartphone and text it back… whichever is more convenient for you.

Time Freeze Form

Click Here to Download the Form