Congratulations on earning your Purple Belt. You are now in the Intermediate class, which means your class times have changed.

Instead of the yellow Adult Beginner classes, you are now in the Purple Adult Intermediate classes.  In the Intermediate class, you will now start sparring.

For safety reasons, everyone must have the same quality gear.  Therefore, unless your gear has been grandfathered in or previously cleared for use, you will need to buy sparring gear from our pro shop here at Elite Martial Arts.

Please do not invest in gear from other sources that you may not be allowed to use in class.

The sparring gear package consists of:  headgear with cage, mouthpiece and case, sparring gloves, shinguards, and groin protection.  For ladies, we can substitute a shirt for the cup, or remove the cup from the package. 

The package also includes Glove Dogs, but they are optional (they go inside of the gloves to wick moisture/sweat from your gloves to prevent odor, and are highly recommended).  You can save money by purchasing the whole package, or you can buy each item piecemeal. 

We usually do not spar the first two weeks of the new cycle, to give new Purple Belts a chance to purchase their safety/sparring gear.

Please see the front desk for more information, or call us at (321) 956-2320.