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Why Every Woman Should Know Self-Defense

Posted: October 27, 2020

The unfortunate fact of life is that sometimes you need to protect yourself and your family from an external threat. Women can be particularly vulnerable to an attack of any kind, which is one of the many reasons why learning self-defense can be so important for women.

A study from the University of Oregon found that women who participated in self-defense classes felt that they:
Had better safety strategies in place.
Had increased self-confidence.
Were more equipped to deal with strangers and people that they don’t know.
Had better feelings about their bodies.

It’s possible the most significant benefit of women learning self-defense is the fact that they feel empowered.  This empowerment can be life changing and effect every aspect of their lives.  Feeling more comfortable wherever they go whether it be the workplace, bars or just walking down the street.
Not only will this confidence and empowerment provide them with the skills to defend themselves physically, but also the confidence to defend themselves verbally. 

Regardless if someone is coming at you from the front, side or back, self-defense knowledge can put you in a spot to properly defend yourself.
Kickboxing and Martial Arts courses are also a great way to build strength in high intensity situations while learning self-defense moves.

Being equipped with some basic self-defense knowledge women of all ages and body types can gain confidence in their personal safety and protection.  Regardless of the type of self-defense class you take, practicing can you develop muscle memory.  In fight or flight situations, muscle memory can be the key component to helping you escape your attacker.

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