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MMA, Silat, and JKD

Posted: May 19, 2010

We had a great time yesterday in our new MMA class.  We are actively focusing on a different Martial Art each month.  This month’s art is Silat, so we are working on blended Silat techniques, both from Madjapahit Silat and also from a subsystem of Serak.

The important thing to remember, is that to be a complete martial artist we have to constantly be researching what is out there.  Both to defend against it, and more importantly to understand the principles behind what we are learning so that we can incorporate it into our own personal expression.

Bruce Lee constantly spoke of the process in this way.

1.  Research your own experience.

2.  Accept what is useful.

3.  Reject what is useless.

4.  Add what is is specifically your own.

This makes martial arts more than just exercise or a way to defend yourself.  It becomes a means of expression and a vehicle of understanding how to constantly improve your life.

If you view yourself as a sculpture; to get to your essence we have to cut away what is unessential to reveal the work of art that is beneath.  Most people understand this concept.  What most martial artists forget is that we have to pile on the clay first and then begin the sculpting process.

That is why we always cross-train at our school, and why I feel it is important to pile on the clay by studying a wide variety of martial arts.

Truth can be found in many systems, and so can error.  What works for me based on my physical attributes may not work for you. (and vice versa)

Therefore, you owe it to yourself to continue to learn and grow.