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Some Tips for Training the Central Nervous System While Training Martial Arts

Posted: June 29, 2010

In martial arts, the understanding of the basics is crucial to development. If the foundation is bad, the house will fall. Everyone knows this, and every martial arts school teaches this and reinforces it.

What is also pretty basic, but is not often taught is the progression to get the basics to become part of you, and the best way to train for maximum efficiency. That is what this post will focus on.

When we first learn a skill, it requires a lot of conscious thought. For example, when we first learned to brush our teeth or tie or shoes, it took some concentration and focus. Once we have done these things 10,000 times, we can do them almost unconsciously. Almost as if we were on auto-pilot. We can tie our shoes while watching a ball game and having a conversation, because the act of tying our shoes has become part of us. Martial arts training is exactly the same, and the basics should become so normal to us, that we can execute them seemingly without thinking.

Flopping at the World Cup

Posted: June 27, 2010

First let me start off by saying that I like soccer, and that I have always enjoyed watching the World Cup. I think these guys are tremendous athletes, and I respect them very much. Having said that, I would now like to go on a tirade about the “flopping” that has gone on during these games.

You can’t look like a world-class athlete when you fall down every time you run up the field. It’s really annoying when they fall down and whine; don’t get the call, and then get up and resume play as if nothing happened. They should card you if you keep faking penalties and injuries or make you come off the field for 5 minutes and let your team play with a man down. I can’t believe these guys get away with this. Is it me, or are the women that play soccer much tougher than these guys.

Maybe they should give out the Josh Koschek award to the guy that does the best job faking. In case you don’t know who Koscheck is, he’s the guy in the UFC that fakes like he’s gotten kneed in the face when he hasn’t. He successfully pulled this off in 2 of his most recent fights, and will now be rewarded with a title shot against GSP. Just like some of these clowns in the World Cup who flop are rewarded with penalty kicks. What kind of message does this send to our kids. That we should be a crybaby to get what we want, or that we should blame someone else every time we make a mistake.

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