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Ong Bak 3

Posted: March 23, 2011

I had the unfortunate experience of watching the movie Ong Bak 3 this past weekend. Normally I love watching Tony Jaa, but this movie was more painful than a root canal. The martial arts sequences were pretty good, although they don’t really compare to Jaa’s performance in the original Ong Bak.

The problem was that the story line just didn’t work. Perhaps it was all the mystical/spiritual stuff, or perhaps it was just a bad attempt at trying to be “artistic”. In any case, this movie was truly disappointing.

As I said earlier, I really like Tony Jaa, and I loved the original Ong Bak, so I figure he’s entitled to a bad movie every once in a while.

Martial Arts from a Wheelchair

Posted: March 20, 2011

During the course of my martial arts training, I have come across quite a few individuals, that are disabled in some way. Some were confined to wheelchairs, and others had some other physical limitations. In all of these cases, these individuals enjoyed the same benefits as everyone else who practices martial arts.

Some of these individuals even became instructors.

We at Elite Martial Arts believe that everyone needs to be able to defend themselves, and everyone needs to stay in shape. The martial arts provides a vehicle to achieve both of these objectives. Additionally, training in the martial arts helped all of these individuals by helping them focus on what they could accomplish, and helping them to achieve their goals.

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