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If You Think That Girls Can’t Punch, Think Again.

Posted: May 28, 2010

This is a clip from the show “Sports Science.” While people can argue about the comparative techniques used by each of the fighters to get the results that were shown in the show, there is no denying that girls can generate an amazing amount of power in their punches.

I have always liked Lucia Rijker, and I think she’s a great boxer and an all around great martial artist. So if you’re a big tough guy that thinks that girls can’t hit, you’re in for a surprise. Maybe if you try real hard, you too can hit like a girl.

Check These Kids Out

Posted: May 26, 2010

I think these kids are pretty amazing. They have taken a love of martial arts and started making short films. If I remember correctly these guys have had some training with the legendary Sammo Hung. (Jackie Chan’s classmate, and a world class action choreographer.) It’s cool to see what hard work and a video camera can produce. Like most movies, the trailer is the best part, and that is why I have posted it. I hope you enjoy it.

Creepy Cyberbullying

Posted: May 26, 2010

We always hear these bloated statistics about bullying, and as parents and educators, we often wonder how much of what we are hearing applies to our kids. Unfortunately, there is a lot of very real bullying and psychological attacks happening online. Below, is a creepy news report showing what is happening all across our country. This doesn’t mean that you should be paranoid, but I definitely think this should make you concerned about what your children are doing online.

The Kung Fu, I mean the Karate Kid…

Posted: May 23, 2010

The new Karate Kid movie will be coming out next month.  It looks pretty good.  Obviously Jaden Smith put in a lot of time training for this role.  It’s pretty funny that it’s called the Karate Kid, when he’s learning Kung Fu; but ultimately martial arts is martial arts, regardless of the name or the style.

The writers of the movie said the name was an homage to the original movie, so they kept the name Karate Kid, despite the obvious contradiction.

It will be interesting to see the difference in physicality that is brought to the role by Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.  In the original movie Pat Morita (Miyagi) and Ralph Macchio (Daniel Russo) were not martial artists.  Obviously Jackie Chan is, and with the amount of training that Jaden Smith put in, he may now be called a martial artist as well.

Gaining Confidence

Posted: May 21, 2010

People always ask me how training in Martial Arts can increase confidence.  We always hear that it does, but quite often we don’t understand how or why it works.

In a nutshell, confidence comes from knowing that you are prepared for a situation.  Whether it is for a streetfight, a test in school, or a public speaking engagement.  The end result in all these instances is the same.  If you have prepared properly and trust in your training to get you through, you will begin to develop confidence.

Confidence is the byproduct of repetition.  If I have practiced punching, kicking, kneeing, elbowing, submissions, and “dirty” streetfighting techniques over and over again, the likelihood that I can pull these techniques off in a real fight goes way up.  As a result, I will be more confident in my ability to handle myself.

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