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Adult Beginner Test 9-17-18

Posted: October 09, 2018

Here are the photos of our Adult Beginner Test for September, 2018.  The full photo album can be viewed on our Facebook Fan Page by clicking here.

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents, Pt. 2: Night of Halloween

Posted: October 05, 2018

Halloween night is supposed to be filled with scares – but only scares of the pretend variety. Unfortunately, Halloween night poses a few unique risks for kids of any age. Here’s a complete checklist for keeping your little monsters safe while they’re out trick or treating.

Safety in Numbers

Children 12 and under should be accompanied by a parent or other trusted adult. When out trick or treating, accompany younger children to the door. Also, never let children enter the home or car of any stranger. Kids 13 and older are usually mature enough to trick or treat with a group of their friends. However, you want to make sure they only trick or treat in familiar neighborhoods. Be sure those communities and areas are well-lit with sidewalks, crosswalks and other pedestrian-friendly features.

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