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Being Prepared for a Self-Defense Situation

Posted: February 26, 2020

When it comes to self-defense there are some techniques that can help should you get into a sticky situation. It’s recommended that everybody know these moves. It’s also recommended that you exhaust all of your options to keep things civil when a disagreement arises. But some situations call for pure self-defense if let’s say an attacker comes at you.

In most cases your gut will tell you what to do to protect yourself but being armed with a few basic techniques will increase your chances of getting to safety.

Just being aware is the first and easiest technique to master. Avoid confrontation and don’t look like a suitable victim. Most attackers look for easy targets, they are lazy. So before approaching your car door, always make sure to look around you. Park your car in a well-lit area and keep your keys in your hand while walking to the car; STAY ALERT.  Don’t walk alone late at night and don’t be predictable.

One of the hardest things to do while in a scary situation is to be calm, but this will help you think rationally, make better decisions and ultimately save your life.  One of the best parts about taking self-defense classes is learning how to remain calm in a dangerous situation.  Martial arts classes teach you real life scenarios to help you prepare should you ever find yourself in a position where self-defense is needed.

This includes the eyes, nose, ears, groin, throat, shins and knees. No matter how big your attacker is, these areas are vulnerable. Striking these areas provide you with the most effective means of a quick escape.

Don’t get stuck in a situation, wishing you knew what to do.  At that point it’s too late. Mastering basic strikes like, punches, kicks, elbows, and knees is an important life skill for every individual both big and small, male and female. Learning and practicing proper form and core knowledge is what helps to provide the body with true strength, confidence and also helps to avoid injury.

Nothing is more valuable than training. If you want to feel confident about defending yourself in dangerous situations, take advantage of our web special and  come in for a FREE lesson.

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