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Elite Martial Arts

Atillo Balintawak Seminar

Posted: August 09, 2010

This weekend our school co-sponsored a Filipino Martial Arts Seminar at the Martin Academy of Martial Arts in Sarasota, Florida.

We had a great time learning from Grandmaster Crispulo “Ising” Atillo and his assistant J.D. Lopez. The 2 day seminar was both challenging and fun, and Grandmaster Atillo’s passion for his art was contagious.

Complex drills were broken down into much simpler segments so that everyone in attendance was able to understand and perform them.

I feel truly honored to have been able to train with him.

Special Thanks to Sifu/Guro LaVonne Martin, for putting this event together at her school.

Below are 2 videos of Grandmaster Atillo and his Assistant, J.D. Lopez.  They are demonstrating a “stick sparring drill”.  It is extremely complex, but they make it look easy.  These videos were filmed with their permission and I hope you enjoy them. Please checkout Grandmaster Atillo’s website. The link is posted below the videos.


To find out more about Grandmaster Crispulo “Ising” Atillo, check out his website.